The Benefits of Fast-Growing Ground Cover 1
Having a lush green lawn is not for everyone. Are there areas on your property that you can’t get to easily with a lawnmower or even a weed whacker? Do you want to enhance your lawn without installing a full garden? The best solution to all of this is a fast-growing ground cover. It’s the best of both worlds without your home stand out for all the wrong reasons.

What is the ground cover?

This is an eco-friendly solution to replace those sparse areas of your lawn. It’s a low-growing perennial, meaning it will continue to grow year after year with the proper maintenance.

Some of the benefits are:

What type of ground cover should you use?

Just with any other plant, you have to take into account the area you’ll be installing it. This will include the placement, how the lighting is, can the soil type, etc. Thankfully, there are ground covers that thrive in both direct sunlight and shade.

Some extra tips for your ground covers:
The Benefits of Fast-Growing Ground Cover 2
The Benefits of Fast-Growing Ground Cover 3

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