No matter what the weather is outside, your business needs to stay open; as well as keep you, your employees, and customers safe. While the weather is unpredictable, planning ahead can make a huge difference in operations when that storm does hit. You need a reliable snow-removal service you can count on to be one step ahead of you instead of you wanting them. Here’s how to figure out the best company to keep your business going.
What are the benefits of a snow-removal service?

● Parking lots will be safer for employees and customers to travel in. Having the area clear prevents accidents like individuals slipping and falling or even cars getting out of control because of slick conditions.

● Parking is better because people will be able to see where the lines are for spaces. If customers can’t find a place to park, they will move onto another business with a cleaner lot, easier parking, and viewable spaces.
How To Hire A Professional Snow-Removal Service 1
Your professional reputation won’t be on the line because of a snow-filled parking lot. The longer your lot or sidewalks stay covered the more it looks like you, as the owner, don’t care about the customers. While no one expects you to get the area cleared with the first flake, the sooner you have a snow-removal crew get in to take care of it the happier your customers and employees will be.
● There’s a huge convenience with hiring a company that knows the area as well as you do, or better. Both of you will be able to figure out how much snow should be on the ground before they come out and the best time to plow so they’re not getting in the way of customers. You both will also figure out the best place to put the snow piles.
What are the benefits of a snow-removal service?
How To Hire A Professional Snow-Removal Service 2

● Start researching and inquiring now. While it doesn’t happen often, it’s not unheard of for a snowstorm to happen in October. The sooner you have a company for the winter, the better.

● Understand the pricing works for the company. Some do a flat fee for each storm, some charge based on the length of the parking lot, some will base it off how much snow has fallen.

● Discuss exactly what you want the snow-removal company to clear out. It could be snowing the entire winter, or we get nothing at all, but when a storm does hit you want a company you can rely on. Also, discuss difficult areas like but dumpsters.
● Sign a contract so both parties have a record. This contract will include the price, where the snow-removal company is plowing, and more.
How To Hire A Professional Snow-Removal Service 3

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