Did you know you can make your landscape more energy-efficient, saving you time, energy (pun intended), and money? Even if “going green” with your landscape may seem a little redundant, it’s absolutely a thing! In fact, your landscape may already be energy-efficient! Its purpose is to conserve as much energy as possible, utilizing trees to cool down your home, block out the sun, use windbreakers, etc. Here’s the best way to have your landscape work for your family!

Trees, Trees, & More Trees: Trees are the best resource for a variety of reasons. If they’re large enough, they can be fun to climb or swing from, give us fruits, etc. but mostly they are best at reducing energy. While you have to be careful which trees you’re planting, depending on how close it is to the house because of the extensive root system, you can still utilize them to help provide shade around the property. You’ll be able to save up to 20 to 25% in energy costs, depending on the position.

Keep Your Landscape Energy-Efficient With These Tips! 1

Windbreakers: Windbreakers are fun to work to add to a design. They can be fences to block out some of the wind, rain, even the snow. It can also be utilizing trees and shrubs (you’re probably noticing a theme with trees). These windbreakers will help redirect the wind over the structure or tree instead of directly onto your home, forcing the heating or AC to work more than it needs to.

Keep Your Landscape Energy-Efficient With These Tips! 2

Conserving Water: While it’s not energy per se, watering your landscape correctly will help. The best way is to research the plants, shrubs, and trees you want in your landscape to understand precisely how much water you need. Generally, trees and shrubs that are fully grown can depend on the rain. Plants might need a regular watering schedule to make sure they stay hydrated.

Keep Your Landscape Energy-Efficient With These Tips! 3

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