How many of you believe that professional lawn care companies are strictly for properties with extensive yards or individuals who are unable to do the work themselves? While that certainly is one aspect of a professional land care company, it’s certainly not the only one. It’s very common for homeowners to do the yard work themselves, which mainly consists of mowing once every week or two. They may call out a professional if there’s an issue with their lawn, but usually, it’s after a series of DIY treatments that didn’t work or made the issue worse. Here are just a few reasons why hiring a professional lawn care company can make a huge difference!

  • It’s more complicated than you realize: Basic lawn care is keeping the grass mowed, picking a few weeds that the mower may have missed, and possibly watering when you notice some dry patches. What people don’t realize is your lawn is a huge garden. Just like with the flowers that are planted in the landscape, there’s a process to making sure your grass grows strong and stays healthy; especially with the regular season changes of the area. We are the experts that can work with your home’s landscape to make it the perfect green you’ve always wanted.
  • It’s tedious for you: Yard work is one of the many necessities of being a homeowner, but no one ever said it was fun. If you work a full week, the last thing you want to do is yard work on your day off. Our team at A1 Hardscape will take care of the lawn while you enjoy your time at home.
Man Mowing A Lawn
  • It can be dangerous: Despite it being a common activity, you’re working with blades, cords, gasoline depending on our equipment, and other dangerous things. You have to be careful about not only keeping the blades clear but making sure you don’t accidentally hit something like a rock. When you’re weed whacking and sometimes mowing, things can be kicked up and hit you as you’re working.
  • It requires a lot of labor: It can take a while to get everything cleaned up, mowed, weed-whacked, etc. There are quite a few lawns that benefit from a sitdown mower, but it’s difficult to store, and they can be expensive. If you need to add fertilizer you’re either doing it by hand or you have to buy a special device. A1 Hardscape has everything we need on-site to get the job done. You’ll never have to lift a finger when it comes to your lawn.