The Best Shade Trees For Summer 1
There are a myriad of shade trees to choose from, and there is equally as long of a list of reasons to plant a tree in general. From a student’s graduation to the birth of a child or as a memorial of a loved one, a tree can represent a milestone in your life. Regardless of choosing trees for sentimental or ornamental purposes, practicality and use still need to be considered, or else damage and discomfort can riddle your property for years to come.
The Best Shade Trees For Summer 2

The Majestic Sycamore Tree

These trees average 40-100 feet in height and spread 40-70 feet in width. They can grow in most soils but prefer deep rich soil, be careful because these deep penetrating roots can penetrate water lines and displace sidewalks if not planted in the correct location.
The Best Shade Trees For Summer 3

Weeping Willows

Plant this, potentially, 50-foot giant near water for best results. Luckily, there have been several hybrids developed so as to survive in drier climates. These trees grow fairly rapidly so you will be able to bask in their immense shade in no time!
The Best Shade Trees For Summer 4

Classi Maple Tree

Maple trees are some of the most common choices amongst homeowners. This is for several reasons: Rapid growth rate (3 – 5 feet per year), beautiful color change in the fall, and obviously, the shade. Don’t overlook these hardwood legends, adorn your outdoor living area with the shade it deserves.
The Best Shade Trees For Summer 5

Oak Trees

Oak trees grow quite rapidly. They provide a large, leaf-filled canopy that will provide copious amounts of summer shade. Like maples, they will look gorgeous in the fall. Not to mention, their acorns are a massive natural benefit to wildlife.
These large trees will create a blanket of shade to cover your entire property! When planted together, these trees will give your property an enchanting look, like something out of a fairytale. This will not only dredge up the comforting aesthetics of yesteryear, but will also be a natural source of food and housing to the local wildlife!
The Best Shade Trees For Summer 7

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