Summertime means lots of time outside, enjoying the fresh air. It’s prime time for humans and insects alike. Mosquitoes are some of the worst insects who just love crashing the party. You might get lucky with catching one before or as it’s having its meal, but often you didn’t realize it was even there until you’re scratching at a sudden welt. While they’re an extreme nuisance, mosquitoes can be detrimental to your health, as well. They can carry a few diseases that can be extremely harmful to humans. Here are a few ways you can keep these pesky bugs from getting too close to you and your family.

● Have A Garden: If you ever needed an excuse to have a garden or landscape installed, now you have the best one. Flowers such as chrysanthemums, marigolds, asters, and pyrethrum daisies are great for keeping mosquitoes at bay. You can also use coriander, basil, and anise as well. Your garden doesn’t have to be covered in these flowers, though. Just a few is enough.
How To Keep Mosquitoes From Killing The Vibe 1

● Don’t Leave Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, even in as little as a teaspoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s a watering can or a puddle. If there’s still water for any length of time and you already have mosquitoes hanging about, chances are they’re going to create a family.

● Move The Air: Dense, humid, summer air is the ideal atmosphere for mosquitoes. They are such light creatures that they can really fight against the wind. Set up an oscillating fan whether it’s on the ceiling of a gazebo or a standing fan that you bring outside. The air movement will deter mosquitoes from trying to come near you.

How To Keep Mosquitoes From Killing The Vibe 2

● Protect Yourself: If you’re working outside or just want extra protection, make sure you wear light long sleeves or long pants. The less skin that exposed the less area the mosquito can feast from. Also, there are a few essential oils that you use to help keep them away. Scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, and catnip (yes, catnip) are great for this purpose. Since it’s natural, you don’t have to worry about it being on your skin. If you’re worried about the scent, you don’t need a lot to be effective. 

How To Keep Mosquitoes From Killing The Vibe 3

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