One of the best parts about the warmer weather is the outdoor parties and activities you can enjoy on your paver patio. But maybe your patio is looking a little sparse when it comes to seating, grilling, and more. That’s why it may be time to jazz it up a little with some great extras for relaxation and entertaining. Not really sure what to add to your outdoor living space? Take a look at some great features that we at A1 Hardscape & Landscape Design love, and can easily implement into your outdoor aesthetic:

Take A Seat  – Walls aren’t just a divider between areas. We specialize in building beautiful and functional seating walls. These provide the opportunity to set up a spot for landscaping and gives an extra area for you and your guests to sit. It doesn’t have to be huge or extravagant either. Simple designs are usually the ones that last a lifetime.

Frill It Up! – What is a “frill” exactly? It’s a firepit that can double as a grill for those gorgeous nights you want to cook on an open flame. This would be a great spot to have a low wall half or ¾ of the way around the frill. Also, firepits tend to keep bugs away so win-win.

Serve It Up – An outdoor bar is a fun way to spice up your patio. There can be a fridge and grill attached to it to give the full effect or it could just be an extra table outside to enjoy a meal while everyone is playing in the pool or on the grass.

A Secluded Spot – Sometimes it’s nice to just get away from the day, and just relax in the backyard. Something we suggest is adding a secluded patio area for an at-home getaway. Setting up a little space, away from the house with comfy seating or a hammock, is a great addition to your home. Plus, it could be double as extra seating when guests are over too.

Adding The Extras 2

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